As of now, terpenes in marijuana come in more than 100 various types. Although, this does not consider the several different variations—like concentration and amount.  


This terpene type can be observed in niaouli, citronella, and ginger. It’s utilized mostly in perfumery and as a flavoring agent. It has an earthy-fresh and wooden scent that’s reminiscent of tree bark. When it comes to its medical benefits, this terpene is known to be effective in treating malaria and it has antifungal properties as well.   


This type of terpene carries the nice scent of lilac and the smell of lime blossoms. Usually, it’s utilized to make cosmetics and perfumes. Terpineol is among the terpene types that give off relaxing and sedative effects. Strains of cannabis containing high terpineol concentrations usually contain high levels of pinene, making it more challenging to determine the terpineol just by smelling it.  


Just like what its name suggests, pinene has a scent that is reminiscent of fir and pine trees. A lot of plants have pinene, for instance, Sage and Rosemary. Pinene is known to have local antiseptic anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, it’s known to be an expectorant and causes the bronchi to somehow be widened. Studies have discovered that pinene can positively affect our memory. Out of all these strains of cannabis that contain a high concentration of pinene are the different strains of Skunk. This terpene can help improve energy and is claimed to boost concentration.   


This is the terpene with a spicy flavor that’s usually found in spices and herbs like black pepper. Caryophyllene is recognized for being a strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Cloves are recognized to be a natural cure for toothaches since they contain a good amount of Caryophyllene. Aside from that, this terpene is claimed to be anti-fungal as well.  


This terpene resonates with fresh flowers as it exudes a hint of spiciness with floral lavender smell. Moreover, it produces a calming and sedative effect and is utilized to treat anxiety and nervousness. It’s known to have anti-epileptic and analgesic properties. Its effectiveness to treat particular cancer types is still under research today. Linalool is a type of terpene that’s partially responsible for the sedative and calming effects of particular strains of cannabis.  


The second-most typical terpene that’s found in marijuana is Limonene. Similar to what the name implies, limonene contains a strong citrus smell. Moreover, it is recognized for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Research shows that this terpene also functions as anti-carcinogenic and that it can aid to stop tumor development.  


One of the most common natural terpenes found in marijuana is myrcene, which makes up the majority of aromatic oils in different strains of cannabis. Moreover, myrcene can be observed in a few plants as well as hops. Others compare the aroma of Myrcene to cloves. It’s recognized to have pain-relieving, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Aside from that, this terpene provides a relaxing, calming, and sedative effect. It’s recognized to boost THC’s psychoactive effects.